Payless Boots Ain’t Got No Grip

I am going to start this blog post with a disclaimer: in no way, shape or form am I advocating for the purchase of goods just to be apart of a “cult” or trend. Too many times I see people buying Yeezys or retro Jordans just to impress others or appear more “put together.” Yes, I do own a pair of bred 11s so call me out on it, but I sure didn’t buy them to impress anyone (scoffs). I would hope it is for your own satisfaction if you are going to buy something expensive, because a trend is just that, a trend.

Cost Per Wear Formula

OK, the disclaimer turned tangent is over. So that tangent leads me to the gist of this post: Cost-per-wear. If you have not heard of it, the general idea behind it is as follows: “Total cost of the item/Number of days you will wear it.” Cost-per-wear is prevalent because I just bought some new boots after prowling the web for quite some time. If you have ever made a purchase where the price tag was heftier you probably uttered the words “How much was this (product)? I can’t believe I spent over (dollar amount).”

If you have found yourself in this position, refer to the formula above. Sure, the goods you purchased were a significant sum, but one would hope you didn’t purchase a similar product for quite some time and you got an infinite amount of wear out of the product. I will not and better not be purchasing black boots for at least the next five years. Plus, winter can range from late November – early April here in Wisconsin. Completely justifiable purchase considering I will wear these boots mostly everyday to work, and I will definitely get my money’s worth. Those irrationally expensive sneakers or heels you bought that you wear once a month? Or those Payless boots you bought last winter (no shade) that did not last a mere 4 months and were worn sparingly? Meh. That’s up for debate. Peace, love and style.

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