Win Or Go Home

For those of you who do not know, which I am assuming is 99.9% of you, I entered a contest on lookbook to win a 3 month subscription of Rich Honey Monthly tees. Before I entered the contest, I had no idea what Rich Honey tees consisted of nor did I know what their brand represented. After extensive research, I found out that these tees were higher-end tees manufactured in Los Angeles. Most of my tees are definitely straight from China and the only tees I had ever purchased were from from H&MForever 21  and Walmart (aka Hanes).

Moreover, I constantly checked lookbook’s website to see if they had chosen the 6 winners during the subsequent weeks from the contest’s final entry date. After about 3 weeks I just stopped checking altogether. I was tired of checking for the results and just needed to trust the process (ha). Earlier today I checked lookbook and noticed that the winners were finally selected, and I was one of them! Seeing my picture amongst the other 5 was definitely an exciting moment. Rockin’ these higher-end tees for the next three months will definitely give me some satisfaction as well as an appreciation for patience and ‘high-end’ fashion. Shout out to benkustos for the money shot and everyone’s support of the subjectivefashion ‘brand’ thus far (you know who you are). When in doubt, win or go home. Peace, love and style.

Update: So my alma mater, Marquette University, upset Villanova University’s men’s basketball team who was the number one team in the country about 5 minutes after I wrote this blog post. Win or go home. Let’s gooooooooooooo.

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