Suit Yourself: Why Namebrand Suits are Laughable

Yes, I have not blogged in 5 months. Why not? Great question. I guess life happens. Irregardless, I am back with a blog post lettin’ you in on the scoop for this outfit suitable for summertime! So I read GQ every month and prowl the internet to learn about new trends within fashion. One trend that will never fade is a name brand suit costing an arm and a leg. I am one that doesn’t believe shelling out $500 on any article of clothing (let alone suits) will make me more “stylish.” I believe that style has no price tag.

Conversation with Seamstress

​For example, I was talking to a seamstress and she told me someone brought in a HUGO Boss suit for alterations and the construction of the suit was terrible. She said retailers like H&M and ASOS sell suits with FAR superior quality than some high fashion brands. She stated, “You’re simply paying for the name.” She even went on to state that in Europe H&M is looked at as a premier quality brand versus a fast-fashion retailer here in the U.S. This conversation solidified my mindset of “It’s not what you wear, but how you wear what you own.” Some would call this moxie or confidence.
Here is a break down my entire outfit and the approximate costs associated with each item:

“This conversation solidified my mindset of “It’s not what you wear, but how you wear what you own.”

  •    Jacket + Pants (tailored for less than $15) = $150
  •    Shirt = $25
  •    Tie = $10
  •    Glasses = $10
  •    Flower Lapel = $5
  •    Shoes = $126
  •    Watch = $90
  •    Tie Bar = $6

Moreover, the brands of these items include ASOS, H&M and Sekonda. I truly believe a pair of ASOS Sunglasses is no different than a pair of sunglasses from Amazon or eBay. A contrarian might argue that purchasing glasses from Amazon or eBay is not a good idea because of the quality, but similar glasses from store “x” is more than likely coming straight from China too. The only difference is store “x” is spiking the price to pad their profit margins. I don’t blame them either.

Regardless of naysayers’ rebuttal, my point still stands. You don’t have to spend your entire paycheck to look clean cut and put together. Now that’s an outfit suitable for the summer.

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