Milwaukee Meetup #5

The 5th installment of the Milwaukee Meetup was two weeks ago today and this was my first time in the Lake Park area of Milwaukee. The meetup happened to be in a very woodsy area, and I was fortunate enough to come home with a nice handful of mosquito bites (my GF thinks I’m lame for bringing this up in my blog. Good thing this is my blog…:D). Nonetheless, I met a lot of great people at this meetup and re-connected with some familiar faces. This blue jean cut-off vest made me look like Queen or KISS. I thought wearing it with a black tank top and shorts would help the blue really stand out. The chain via ASOS and funky ring from Forever 21 were subtle, yet unique finishing touches. Check out some great shots below!

Milwaukee Fashion
Give me a Hand – via @wistomsin
Summer fashion in Milwaukee
Tilt Chamberlain – via @wistomsin
Black Power – via @wistomsin
Milwaukee fashion
Stand Tall – via @adaywithtunji
Fashion Milwaukee
Look Alive – via @adaywithtunji

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