Summerfest Fashion of 2017’s Fest Showcases Milwaukee’s Style

Back at the beginning of July, Ken Bustos (@benkustos on IG) and myself decided to the capture the Summerfest fashion via walking around, and consequently asking people if they wanted to be photographed. This seems very stalker-ish and we were FULLY aware of that during our time at Summerfest 2017. It was eye-opening to see the different styles and showed how everyone sees fashion in a different light. Some people may really like chunky soles and some people may love retro ’95 Nike Air Maxes. Trends are noteworthy, and rightfully so, especially when you see real public figures at the helm of a trend. However, at the end of the day, your style should be dictated by what you want to wear and not what others think you should wear.

What were they wearing?

Here are some takeaways and what I noticed as I strolled around the grounds of Summerfest 2017:

Women have rocked purses for eternities, but rocking a purse the size of a backpack is not only a force, but might not get you into the grounds. Pack lightly and find something with a slimmer profile (this goes for you too fellas, keep the backpack small or buy yourself a crossbody bag like A$AP Rocky).

Ripped jeans are not going anywhere any time soon. Despite summertime temperatures, I saw my fair share of ripped jeans at Summerfest. One guy even rocked some extremely distressed jeans with a jersey which was a pretty slick look. I expect to see ripped jeans for the next few seasons, even with below zero temperatures confronting us sooner than we think (sorry LOL).

Fellas, fellas, fellas. Less means more. Translation? Pull your baggy jean shorts up. I do not know any woman, one in her right mind at least, who wants to see your designer drawers. Which begs the question, why buy designer underwear when the sole purpose of them is to go under your bottoms? I digress. Additionally, tailoring your shorts is obviously weird, but if you own a pair of baggy shorts..does that mean your pants and jeans are baggy too? You be the judge. Ultimately, you can wear what you want, and if you want to showcase Summerfest fashion in Milwaukee in that light, go ahead. I’ll take the slimmer profile and rock my shorts slightly above my knees and closer to my body.

Sunglasses. You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses. I saw cat eye (totally screwing that up I think, but who cares) shades and wayfarers (in different prints) that complimented many outfits. As long as there’s sun out, rock some shades.

Successful Fest: Glimpse of 2017 Summerfest Fashion

Check out the shots and style of Summerfest 2017 and be on the lookout for the next post. I also hope to do something similar for next year’s fest on a larger scale. In the meantime, see what I was up to at Milwaukee Meetup #5. Peace, love and style.


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