Stylin’ & Profilin’: Kire Dennis aka “Intellect”

I never thought someone would ask me to style them for any occasion, let alone their birthday. Kire Dennis (aka Intellect), a friend of mine since grammar school, wanted to dress to impress on his big day. We started from ground zero, and the the first order of business was determining the dress code for Kire’s landing spot on his birthday.

The venue called for a dressier attire, and from there I hopped right on ASOS to scope out some blazers. I knew I wanted the blazer to be a BRIGHT color simply because I wanted him to stand out. I remember seeing a photo of Jay-Z and Diddy in burgundy and pink suit jackets, respectively. Kire’s complexion is in the arena of HOV and Puff, so I figured either one of the colors would work. Pink it is! Also, since most suit jackets run long on the sleeves, altering the sleeve-length allows you to show off the shirt and wrist accessory – learned that from GQ!

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 9.32.15 AM
$111 via ASOS

Next, I knew right away the pants color should be brown because brown goes with everything. I am not joking. Well, almost everything. At the time of the styling, it was late June, so cropped pants were a must. The final photos you will see at the bottom were NOT how the pants looked when they arrived to Kire. When he showed me the photo of the pants out of the box, just imagine a paperboy from the 1920s with pants that were too long and too wide for him. I recommended simple alterations to Kire. “Have the pants taken up an inch so they were in the calf-region (and didn’t resemble high-water church pants).”

I also recommended the waist of the pants be taken in so he could rock the pants without a belt. No belt? Yes, I learned that from my folks at GQ. Even if you buy a pair of pants that are too big, you can always (and should) have them tailored to your liking for $20-30. And like an article in GQ stated, if you’re tailor charges anything less for the aforementioned alterations, it probably will not be quality work. I am Mr. Bargain, but you do get what you pay for ultimately.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 10.20.06 AM
$51 via ASOS

Considering his pants were cropped, double-monk straps or loafers would be the best option. After a few minutes prowling on the internet, Kohl’s (yes, Kohl’s Kohl’s) featured a slick pair of brown double-monk brogues for $40 (they were on sale). These shoes weren’t the same color as the pants, but that was intended. I did not want him to look like he walked out of a JCPenney’s Catalog.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 9.48.19 AM
$40 via Kohl’s

In addition to the shoes, if he was going to rock no tie, then we would need to go all out on the accessories. A perfect place for simple pocket squares and flower lapels = Amazon. Yes, Amazon, the e-commerce giant. Knowing the colors of the three main items, a mint green color popped into my mind for the lapel and pocket square, but again, I wanted to make sure he didn’t look like he walked out of a JCPenney’s Catalog. Thus, the pocket square (less than $10 :O) had pastels that complimented the jacket yet still had its own identity, and the flower lapel ($5) complimented the pocket square without taking attention away from the entire ensemble. And to top it all off, a white, slim-fit dress shirt ($15 from H&M) sealed the deal. White goes with everything.

At last, the outfit’s complete! This was a fun process for me and forced me to put myself in someone else’s shoes. Just because I would wear a certain article of clothing does not mean someone else will. Everyone has their own unique sense of style! That’s what dressing is all about, right? If yourself or anyone else you know wants to be styled for any occasion, here’s the form to get started. A styling fee obviously exists, but it’s relative to the clothes you choose. Thanks for tuning in, and I will catch y’all on the flip side. Peace, love and style! Check out the finished product below!

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