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A little over a week ago, I caught up with Ken on a casual Sunday. I just finished eating some Cinnamon roll pancakes and tofu breakfast tacos from Beerline Cafe right before we started shooting. The last time I shot for no specific reason was over a month ago! Let’s talk about the outfit itself. This shirt from H&M, a favorite in my current wardrobe because of the vertical striped patterns, was the prime option for today. I never was a fan of shirts with vertical stripes, but I think this shirt has some unique flare, so why not? Plus, summer is slowly winding down so wearing shirts with no jacket/coat won’t last forever so it’s time to flex.

The top hat, also from H&M for only $17.99 (which I purchased the day before), was something I was seeking for a while. My head is uniquely shaped so finding a hat with my taste and corresponding size was not easy! I plan to wear this hat a lot during the fall too – versatility, versatility, versatility.

I feel like I’m wasting money if I can’t wear a certain article of clothing in various seasons, so my end goal is to find as many clothes and shoes that can be worn in as many seasons as possible.

The cropped, raw hem jeans (by way ASOS) were ideal for this particular day because it was in the upper 70s (thank you, Milwaukee). I don’t know how shorts would have looked with this shirt and hat combo, nor do I think regular jeans would have played the part.

Last but not least, my footwear were my EVA Birkenstock sandals. These sandals were my go-to choice this summer (and last) simply because they can be worn with all sorts of attire. Whether I am wearing a short-sleeved button up shirt, or monochromatic laid-back outfit, these sandals get the job done!

Although summer is unfortunately coming to a close, I am excited to share what I was wearing this fall season. Check out some other shots below! An interesting tidbit to note – my brother brought to my attention that I looked sad in one particular photo. This is my little disclaimer that if you get the chance to meet me in person..this is not the case at all! I’m just trying to pose and act like a model who is slightly content with life.. Peace, love and style.





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  1. Great article. I enjoy reading your post.I may have to have your post sent to my gmail because hotmail thought it was spam. LOL

    Rameld D Price says:
    1. Thanks! Woohoo! Glad you enjoy my posts. OK, just subsribe using your gmail address. I think that is a sign Hotmail is going down the drain lol you also probably have to add the email to your safe sender list

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