The College Student and Young Professional Wardrobe Starter Pack

Whenever I went shopping in college, I vividly remember trying to find steals for my wardrobe because I did not want to break the bank. Going to the mall felt like a scavenger hunt. I mean seriously…how many times can someone circle the sale rack of H&M, Forever 21 and ALDO and find a dramatic price change? As if going to H&M to look around, leave for ALDO, then return to H&M truly made a difference.

Despite my budget-consciousness, I also wanted more than one go-to outfit for during the week and subsequent weekend. I had many wardrobe options to consider. Boots and a parka to survive winter’s walking down Milwaukee’s main street, and a suit to wear to interviews, career fairs and any other setting that required you to be suited and booted. There were a plethora of other pieces of clothing and footwear I needed to consider as well. And remember, I was not trying to break the bank. My paychecks were meant for my phone bill, groceries, electricity within my apartment and miscellaneous purchases – think going to a Milwaukee’s Bucks game or pre-True to Self Bryson Tiller concert.

A few years removed from college, I still see the benefit in finding quality, long-lasting clothes at reasonable prices. More money to spend now doesn’t necessarily mean buying more clothes. Below you will find a starter pack of reasonably priced items that will fit your wardrobe better. Not all of these clothes need to be purchased at once, but can be purchased gradually. And as you’ll see, some of these items will not apply to you if you live in a warmer climate. If you know anyone trying to revamp their style, but not spend $500 on some Common Project Boots (despite the $$$$, they are sick boots), feel free to share this starter pack post with them. Because again, clothes for college students or young professionals don’t need to be an arm and a leg of your paycheck..unless your priorities are out of sorts. I digress.

A few things to note. The sizes and fit I link to may be skinny, but there are obviously other options including slim or regular fit that you may prefer. Finding your fit is key! Also, the items may be out of stock at the time you read this article, but keep in mind that retailers usually have a similar offering that you can buy. The idea is just to give you a stepping stone and general arena of prices for specific items you could consider. Links to these items will be placed beneath the gallery. Peace, love, and style.

UO Suede Chelsea Boots

New Look Parka

ASOS Camel Trenchcoat

Uniqlo Denim Jacket

Navy Suit

H&M Dress Shirt

Pull&Bear Blue Jeans

Forever 21 Ripped-Knee Blue Jeans

Adidas Cloudfoam Advantage Clean Sneakers

ALDO Zefirino Double-Monk Strap Shoes

Timex Easy Reader 40th Anniversary Watch

H&M Black Nylon Bomber Jacket

H&M Cotton T-shirt

H&M Cotton Sweater

H&M Hoodie

Navy ASOS  Tie

4 Replies to “The College Student and Young Professional Wardrobe Starter Pack”

  1. Thanks for this piece about how to save dollars while getting strong clothing. I am looking into getting a nice fall coat, and that camel one looks like it could get the job done. Or maybe a green forest one. I didn’t appreciate the shade being thrown at Mr. Tiller for his sophomore slump album. Interesting you bring him up, as I wonder if he shops at H & M or is now at higher-end stores buying Company Project boots. Nonetheless, nice layout and simple and easy to understand explanation. Hopefully people read this and stop looking wack out there.

    1. You are welcome! Thanks for checking this out. I plan to get a camel one from ASOS as well – must have on chilly fall nights at Colectivo Coffee hahahhaaha – based on references in his album…I think he’s probably done with the H&Ms of the world lmao – lord knows. thanks again for checking this out

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