How to Wear Cropped Pants

Summer is officially over. Based on the weather in Wisconsin this past week and upcoming weekend, that could not be more of a lie. Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to reach 88 degrees, despite the fact that last year around this time it was about 60 degrees. Finding what to wear when you can’t figure out the weather has it challenges, but thankfully, these pants saved the day for me. Hopefully you learn a bit about how to wear cropped pants below!

Originally, when I purchased these pants for $14 from ASOS, the pants were WAYYY too wide at the bottom. So instead of returning them in disappointment, I took them to a tailor in West Allis, WI so she could crop the pants even more. As you can see, the pants end right beneath my calf which is the perfect spot for me. Most of the time your cropped pants probably do not need altering, but I thought I’d mention it regardless.

Cropped Pants x Subjective Fashion

You don’t want your cropped pants to look like shorts (because they’re PANTS), even though that’s the case when I sit down. But you also don’t walk in a “sitting-down” position. I think you get the point.

Cropped Pants x Subjective Fashion

Cropped pants can be a go-to item in any season except WINTER. Now, if you live in a climate where winter is mild then you may think that cropped pants is fine. I know fashion is subjective (smirks), but from a functional standpoint I do not think exposing your legs makes sense when it’s cold outside. And rockin’ knee length socks to keep your legs warm would make you look like a fool. Therefore, any season except winter is the verdict.

What can you wear cropped pants with?

Cropped pants can be played with a multitude of items including suit jackets, moto jackets, t-shirts and short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts. Tucking your shirt in or letting it float on the outside works too. Just do what makes style above the rest. As you see in the photos, I’d highly advise you pick a dress shoe or sneaker with a nicely rounded toe. VEER away from squared-toed shoes unless that’s your thing – no pressure. But if I were you, I’d choose dress shoes that make you look like you “own the place.”

Cropped pants x Subjective Fashion

As far as the rest of my outfit, my top from H&M only ran me $15; its color allows me to wear it with any and every color. Because seriously, what doesn’t go with white? Exactly. So the main ensemble ran me less than $30. Would you have guessed that amount? I’d be curious to know in the comments! With fall ultimately here, step outside of your comfort zone and rock a sleek pair of cropped pants before the snow hits your ankle.

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