The Pair of Boots Every Man Should Wear This Fall

Chelsea boots. A man’s best friend (other than a dog, of course). As fall rolls around, sandals and summer-esque footwear slowly fades out of rotations, and inserted are the staple of a man’s (or women’s tbh) wardrobe.

Why Chelsea boots?

I did not realize the versatility of Chelsea boots until last fall. Whether it was a freezing cold winter weekend, or a chill Friday at work, Chelsea boots were truly a go-to once the colder season arrived.

A few weeks ago, I was able to get my hands on some Chelsea boots, but not just ANY chelsea boots. New Republic by Mark McNairy feature sand chelsea boots for only $99* (plus $8 for shipping). After thorough research, these boots seem to be the slickest on the market, even if compared to boots in higher price ranges.

New Republic Chelsea Boots

New Republic Chelsea Boots

New Republic Chelsea Boots

Upon opening the box, the boots were wrapped in their own respective dust bags. Another bag, presumably for travel, was included in the box as well. New Republic obviously places a significant amount of attention to detail on their products.

Color + Fit

Sometimes you are left returning products because they do not appear as displayed online. Thankfully, these sand chelsea boots do look sand in-person. Additionally, the sizing was on-par with my shoe size. Generally I wear a size 11 in regular shoes, so I ordered a full size down (10). The fit was SNUG, but not too tight. Even after wearing these boots for a few months and breaking them in, I do not expect them to expand much. Wearing thicker boot socks down the line should not be an issue.

Something you should also consider if your ankle, or leg as a whole, falls on the thinner side is the space around your ankle when wearing these boots. The fit might seem a tad loose. However, as mentioned before, my foot felt snug within the boot so I do not see this as an issue.

Yes, They’re Also Comfortable

Additionally, the thick sole made these shoes feel like I was walking on a cloud. Even after wearing these for 5+ hours in one day and walking around, my feet did not hurt much. I have read reviews of other chelsea boots, and the knock I usually see is “comfort.” A snug fit, coupled with a comfortable and chunky sole, will hopefully make these boots the most comfortable chelsea boots in my wardrobe.

On-Feet Look

I rocked these to Milwaukee Fashion Week 2017, and thought they looked cold with the jeans I was wearing. Honestly, the sand color can be worn with almost any pair of jeans. I rocked them with some light washed jeans recently (see below).

New Republic Chelsea Boots

Two Downsides ­čÖü

At this point, you’re probably thinking “When is he going to stop preaching to the choir about these boots?” There are downsides. The sand color, while versatile, is susceptible to dirt, scum. etc finding its way on the boot easier than other colored chelsea boots. I also noticed that the bottom of the sole attracts dirt rather quickly, but this is probably more visible simply because of the sand color. I’d recommend buying Jason Markk cleaner to help these boots (and other shoes) stay in prime condition.

New Republic Chelsea Boots

That’s all for now, folks. Hope you enjoyed. As always, peace, love and style.

*If you add the boots to your cart and abandon them for 24-48 hours, New Republic sends you a 10% off coupon code. What does this mean? You can get the boots for $97 (shipping included). WE ALL LOVE TO SAVE MONEY. Check out the boots I ordered at

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  1. nice article. i like the color of these chelsea boots. You say they can be worn with a lot but what do you think about black? I feel like that would look kind of weird but anything else seems like it could definitely work. photos look very crisp as well! i like the one looking down on boots from birds eye

    1. Thanks! And me too, they’re like a Swiss army knife ’cause they can be worn in so many facets. Black does seem kind of pushing it, but again, fashion is subjective so maybe you could pull if off ­čśÇ and thanks!! i wanted to get a wide array of shots so you could really see the boot in its entirety. thanks for checking out my article

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