When Fashion Blogging Takes a Turn for the Worst

So one day I was having a conversation with a Milwaukee fashion blogger who will remain nameless, you chatty Patty. This fashion blogger was like a handful of others prior to blogging – interested in fashion, but too busy (and perhaps lazy) to blog. “Why would I waste my time on social media or a website blogging about…fashion? (Scoffs) Talk about superficial.”

Finally Broke Down

Months rolled on and others noticed this blogger had a sense of style. Some even clamored, “You should truly start a fashion blog. Your outfits are great!” After some apprehension, this blogger eventually said, “Ya know what…I’m going to start fashion blogging by creating an Instagram. The purpose of my Instagram is to showcase my outfits. Seems pretty simple.”

Instagram Logo
Guess the fashion blogger thought “Better late than never?”

The fashion blogger did not realize how much they’d enjoy taking photos of their outfits and sharing it  with the world, especially since they despised social media. To this day, they still have doubts about it. “Why is so and so posting selfies eating cereal?” they quipped. Nonetheless, the blogger was enthralled by the power of social media. “Someone can like my photo, and I can get not only likes, but comments too? My self-esteem is so much higher.” OK, quick pause. The blogger never said that at all. I’m just being a jerk.

Time for Collaboration?

After two months of blogging on Instagram, the blogger started to notice that businesses collaborated with influencers on Instagram. By no stretch of the imagination did this blogger think they were an influencer. They just saw the benefits of working with businesses and brands.

One day, the blogger stumbled upon some aliexpress impostor reselling the cheapest-goods-from-China brand. The name of this brand, here on out referred to as Brand X, will remain nameless because this blogger signed a NDA. OK, the blogger never signed anything, but it sounded good, didn’t it?

The blogger told me all they had to do was purchase a product from Brand X, showcase it on Instagram, tag Brand X in the post and use “#BrandXhashtag.” That seems simple to me. In addition to these requirements, the blogger was also required to post and tag Brand X once a week. Here’s where the  blogger ran into issues.

Corny Content…

As weeks and months rolled by, the blogger realized their posts associated with the brand were not organic. The blogger was wearing product with ANY outfits for the sake of posting content associated with Brand X. Does this sound ridiculous to you? Of course it does. On top of the non-organic posting, the blogger was given a referral code for followers to use in the event their followers wanted to make a purchase (and receive a discount in the process).

Why would a follower buy goods from some aliexpress impostor reselling the cheapest-goods-from-China brand? Another great question! They wouldn’t. This fashion blogger was under the impression someone would buy something just because they were showcasing it. WRONG!

End All, Be All

After some reflection, this fashion blogger ended the partnership with Brand X and vowed to only work with brands in the future if there was a fit and posts on Instagram were organic. Said fashion blogger also realized the sole purpose of creating the Instagram was to showcase their outfits, not persuade followers to buy some knock off goods. From that day, this fashion blogger remained true to their word and strives to be as genuine and non-committal to any ol’ brand as possible.

OK, I must make a confession. This fashion blogger is me. Would you have made that guess if I didn’t say anything?

Kami Haus x Subjective Fashion Collaboration

This fashion blogger, aka Justin Price, recently worked with Kami Haus, a streetwear brand based out of Chicago. Yes, this was my first collaboration since working with Brand X. I stayed true to my word! Kami Haus aligns with my style considering I don’t wear suits every day of the week.

A t-shirt, the product showcased from Kami Haus, featured a Panda with its “Mask On.” I truly thought this shirt was unique and featured a great level of detail. Even on the sleeve, there’s a small cream strap. This level of detail cannot be ignored, especially since most t-shirts are boring.

Buy Kami
The t-shirt I just mentioned by Kami Haus!

Kami Haus also features jackets, crewnecks and ball caps with a plethora of interesting designs, all moderately priced. No holes will be left in your pocket. Part of this collaboration also included my first giveaway. The rules of the giveaway were simple: like my Instagram post from October 13, tag your favorite store and a friend. For my first giveaway, I think it was successful. It wasn’t like one person participated.

Instagram Post

I plan to do more giveaways as they arise, and will continue to remain as authentic as possible. If y’all want something fabricated, just tune into “reality” television on VH1.

Before I sign off with my peace, love and style, remember these rules of thumb when collaborating with brands.

The Rules of Thumb

1.) Do your research on brands. Go on their website and review their product or service. Ask about commission percentages for sales, influencer programs and more. Instagram likes, comments and followers can be misleading.

2.) It’s OK to say no to brands. There’s not a fit with every opportunity presented. I have said no to multiple brands who have reached out simply because there was not a fit. That’s perfectly fine.

3.) If you are going to work with a brand, make sure the content you post is engaging and organic. Don’t be cheesy. If it doesn’t fit, your followers will be able to tell.

Y’all know what time it is. Peace, love and style. I’m trying something new. If you would like to hear about new blog posts via Facebook Messenger, please CLICK HERE.

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