Top Five No Debating: Urban Outfitters

It’s that time of the year again. As Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas roll around, retailers start to offer HUGE discounts on a wide array of products. From boots to accessories, you can find almost anything on sale. So that made me wonder…why not start a series of posts including the top five items to purchase from “insert retailer here”? And even better, why not include some items that are currently on sale within these top five items? That’s exactly what I will do for the next few months going forward.

Because who doesn’t enjoy a sale?

Top Five Items from Urban Outfitters…HERE WE GO!

One retailer offering discounts on products right now is Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters, a retailer included on the shopping guide, features a lot of accessories and t-shirts within their sale section, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some steals. There are also some great buys within their regular inventory. Check out five items below you do not want to miss out on (especially as the temperature starts dropping). Also, as of October 21, any order over $75 receives $15 marked off. That may change after October 21, but other sales will arise.

UO Double Crepe Suede Chelsea Boot

Chelsea Boots from Urban Outfitters

These are some of the nicest Chelsea boots I have seen under $100, other than mine, of course. In all seriousness, these boots feature a sturdy double crepe that will help these boots barrel their way through fall and winter. The tan color way is also a prime color for Chelsea boots (in my opinion). Dress this boot up with ripped jeans, a suit or sweatpants. It’s all fair game. As mentioned, you can get $15 marked off your order of $75 or more. So they’d only be $74 (before shipping + taxes). Find them here!

UO Michael Sneakerboot

UO Michael Sneakerboot - Subjective Fashion

Looking for some sneakerboots this winter? I stumbled upon these and although they seem like a replica version of Represent’s Crepe Sole Boot, I think they still are a SOLID pair of boots that could get the job done. What’s nice about their color way is you can wear them with any relaxed outfits, and not have wet feet from snow/rain in the process. You can find them here!

UO Felix Hoodie Sweatshirt

UO Felix Hoodie Sweatshirt - Subjective Fashion

Halloween is about a week and a half away. If this hoodie could talk, I’d guess it’s screaming “What’s taking so long?” The checkered look gives this hoodie a unique flavor, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be rocked with a bomber, blue jean jacket or black denim jacket. Throw on some Vans with this outfit and you’ll look the part. Find this hoodie here!

UO Crossbody 2.0 Sling Bag

UO Crossbody 2.0 Sling Bag - Subjective Fashion

Am I really featuring a crossbody bag on my blog? Yep. Crossbody bags intersecting men’s fashion was once a sour concept to me, but if worn correctly, I think these bags can be player. This bag differs from normal crossbody bags as it is hanging behind you, thus more subtle and not as outlandish to me. There’s this checkered color way, but there are various colors to choose from. You might see me in this one down the line. Find this crossbody bag here!

UO Felix Hoodie Sweatshirt (Pt. 2?)

UO Felix Hoodie Sweatshirt - Subjective Fashion

Last, but not least. OK, the name looks familiar because the checkered hoodie (see above) also comes from the same line. I also wanted to feature these because there are five color ways to choose from AND solid hoodies are a staple in any wardrobe. And for only $29, you simply can’t beat the price. These color ways are perfect for the fall and winter seasons. You can find them here!

That’s all folks. Stay tuned for the next installment of Top Five No Debating. Peace, love and style.

(I want to make sure I’m totally transparent with you. Some links on this page lead to websites where I could earn commission. Just throwing that out there for you. However, my choices were not swayed by commission rates. I’m still selecting items that I believe are the best steals, most unique and most versatile. So don’t you fret.)

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