WWIW: Brent Camo Track Pants + More|Fresh Visuals

This ‘blog post’ is more like a tumblr post. Fewer words, more photos.

The What

H&M Puffer Coat

Black H&M Puffer Coat

H&M Longline Flannel

Red Men's Flannel

Shopgauges Brent Camo Track Pants (somehow they look better than most track pants I’ve seen, but were far less expensive)

H&M Brown Beads

White Rebook Instapump Fury Sneakers

Brent Camo Trackpants

When was I wearing this fit?

To church (don’t judge me haha) last Sunday

Why did I choose these pieces?

I knew I wanted to wear these track pants just based off their unique flare – camo design with a red stripe on the side.

I was looking in my closet to figure out what top to wear, and then I came across my red flannel.

The flannel’s design + track pants design = a lot going on. But when I put it on I was like, “Why not? (In my Russell Westbrook voice).”

I bought these white Reebok Instapump Fury’s for a ridiculously lower price than market value (thank you eBay). The white mixed with green, red and black fit right in.

Choosing colors to mix is not as hard as you think. I sometimes think about the color of some sports teams’ logo or even flags oddly enough if I’m struggling to think about a color way.

Now notice I didn’t say all. I’d be out of my mind if I rocked some yellow pants and a purple crew neck (go Lakers).

But if you think about teams like the Bears, navy and orange is a nice colorway. Or even Mexico’s flag which is red, white and green – those colors mesh well together too.

After what I would say was no more than 5 minutes (give or take) of looking in my closet – I was done.

Personally, I am not a fan of spending countless hours looking in the closet for something to wear.

That also doesn’t mean walking out the house in a bathrobe and air force ones. Wear what excites you, and doesn’t break your wallet in half. Unless that’s your thing.

Peace, love and style. More visuals below!

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