Should Walmart Stay in Their Lane After Their Latest Push into Fashion?

Yesterday I visited Walmart to pick up some body wash, hand soap, small Ziploc bags, a pack of 5 Spearmint Gum and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Yes, some of these products are the essentials to remaining cleaner than the board of health.

What you don’t see above that could also help someone become cleaner than the board of health are goods like clothes and shoes. Clothes and shoes? Yes. As most people know, Walmart is a magnified gas station and scrambled merchandise retailer.

They sell everything from smell goods for your car, work boots for industrial environments (shout out to Brahma for holding me down for 2 months) and clothes for many occasions.

At the beginning of March Walmart started selling four new private-label brands on and in stores according to an article by Forbes. These brands include, “Time and Tru for women, plus-size label Terra & Sky, Wonder Nation for kids and also the relaunch of George, which is exclusively for men (Forbes).”

I took a peek at the George brand Walmart is re-launching and the clothes don’t look bad at all. There’s a shirt or two I could see myself wearing. But that’s it.

These pants I came across out are just too wide (BOOO TO CLASSIC FIT) and not a good look. I’d look like an absolute fool wearing these pants with my ALDO Double Monk Strap shoes.

Walmart, The Hottest Fast Fashion Retailer?..

Nothing against Walmart’s ability to sell fashion, but the only time I find myself shopping for any fashion-related goods is when I am buying v-neck and crewneck undershirts. And I don’t know if these items can even be considered fashion-related considering I said undershirts.

I don’t recall the last time I bought anything like a hoodie or shirt from Walmart. And aside from the shirts under the George brand that looked OK I would maybe consider buying, this would not change.

Why is this the case? Walmart is not a sought after destination for fashion. Any place I can buy tires, milk and deodorant is simply not somewhere I want to buy my clothes.

There’s a reason why people looking to buy gear find themselves at H&M, Forever 21 and Zara or shopping at ASOS and Fashion Nova on their phone. These retailers are behemoths in the fashion industry and widely known as places to find on-trend items. No questions asked.

Another reason why I have not attempted to enhance my wardrobe at Walmart is the brands in-store offer gear that just is not fashionable. I could walk into a Walmart right now and find a pair of dad blue jeans, wide bootcut khaki pants for a middle-age dad from Oak Creek, Wisconsin and some nasty tennis shoes with fat velcro straps.

Again, these are essentials. Not hip, fashionable items.

If Walmart is really trying to level up their fashion collection in stores, they should start selling more well-known non private-label brands that people adore like Nike and Adidas. Sure, there’s probably a bunch of barriers to hurdle like with anything in business, but anything can come to fruition.

Simply starting off with these brands, in addition to more recognized brands, I think Walmart could start taking a step in the right direction. Because as long as they sell clothing that middle-age moms and dads would wear – guess who will buy this gear? Middle-age moms and dads.

My Last Recommendation?

Why not start selling Great Value fashion (Great Value is Walmart’s house brand)? If you’ve walked into a mall and looked at the outfits of anyone 13-25 then you’ve probably noticed you’ve seen ripped jeans on a handful of this demographic. I just realized that last sentence sounds super creeper, but I think y’all get the point…

Just understanding what the younger demographic wears could be a starting point for Walmart. Sell a few pairs of ripped skinny jeans for male and female shoppers, hoodies with designs that aren’t cheesy (I’M LOOKING AT YOU RUE 21), nice selection of jackets/bombers/coats and Walmart could be on its way to capturing a different, more fashionable demographic.

But until any of my recommendations transpire, people will continue to purchase non-fashion related goods at a higher clip when they’re visiting at Walmart. It’s that simple.

Peace, love and style.

4 Replies to “Should Walmart Stay in Their Lane After Their Latest Push into Fashion?”

  1. Good thoughts. Funny and fresh take on big box selling clothes. I have a question: how do you think target has been so successful with their private label brands? I know a lot of people, especially women, who opt for target versus fast fashion. Seems like a branding thing more than anything. Also, you are right about business hurdles with brands and walmart, but i’m sure they could point to Amazon and say they are selling brands like Nike and what not. Good take and analysis.

    1. Yeah, I would have to agree with you. I think the perception of Target’s clothing is viewed a lot differently than Walmart’s gear. And maybe overall quality has something to do with people’s willingness to buy from Target versus Walmart? Yeah, that’s true. It’s really up to what businesses want to do! Thanks! And thank you for reading this piece!

  2. Very well said. I agree with you. Nice recommendation you got there! You’ve got a very good point.

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