Building My Fall and Winter Wardrobe with a Millennial Paycheck

“Is it safe to say we back?” I feel like I am dusting off the cobwebs on this dormant blog. A lot’s transpired since my last blog post in late March. I collaborated with Summerfest this summer and hosted giveaways on my page and attended Summerfest to capture attendees’ style. Here is one attendee myself and Ken found at Summerfest 2018.

After the collaboration ended though, I took about two months to rid myself of heavy social media use. There’s nothing like a much-needed break.

Although I haven’t been online, I still do have a life. Yes, I go somewhere from 9-5 every day and make myself useful, plan for a wedding next year, listen to podcasts, watch my favorite shows + sports. I’ve also been perusing clothing stores to start choosing pieces I want to wear this fall.

I thoroughly enjoyed summer’s heat, but you can never prepare too early for a different season in Wisconsin. And preparing early is the best route for me so I don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money on clothes all at once.

Yes, I do have a job, but I also have bills.  My good friends Kanye and Ty Dolla $ign could not have said it better in Kanye’s Real Friends single:

Please don’t pressure me with that bill s%&#
Cause everybody got ’em that ain’t children”

Wise words from two half-decent men. If you’re a responsible adult, bills should supersede wants.

So I can’t blow my entire paycheck on an ASOS overhaul because I have bills and student loans to pay off (😐). I am not living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. This is more like the lifestyle of the fly and modest.

Maintaining a stylish wardrobe is not easy when the money be tryin’ to act funny. I rebuke that demon in the name of Jesus. Amen.

However, it’s possible to look the part without walking around with a limp bank account and debit card with too many zeros. Ouch.

Method to my Madness

Here are some simple ways I’ve managed to build my fall and winter wardrobe without walking around as broke as a joke.

Shop for Gear in Offseason

Just like you’re starting to see retailers and brands launch their fall collection, you should start looking for your fall and early winter pieces while the weather is on the warmer side. Certain items, like this parka from ASOS, are substantially marked down (it’s only $56 at the moment). The parka I own now was also substantially marked down when I bought it during the middle of the summer.

Take advantage of summer when you’re looking for cold-weather gear and vice versa.

Wait for Sales

OK, I get it. Sometimes it is hard to not be thirsty when you see something you like and you want to shout, “Hellllllooooo credit card.” Pump the brakes even though emotional purchases are real. Whenever I think I want something, I place it into my wish list/save for later, and just let a few days/weeks go by to see if 1.) I want the item and 2.) a sale arises.

If #1 and #2 are both fulfilled, I will go ahead and make the purchase. Some retailers, like New Republic Man, will send you a 10% off code if you leave something in their cart for a few days. Try this tactic with your favorite retailer and see if it works!

I wanted these New Look jeans from ASOS and I left them in my save for later for a few weeks just to see if a sale would arise. Low and behold, a 20% off offer came through and you can guess what I did next. Ca-chinggggggggggggggggg.

New Look jeans from ASOS


Hold on for the Holidays

This is somewhat related to waiting for sales, but there’s more intent involved here. Retailers always, and I do mean always, offer some sort of sale during holidays like Labor Day, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and other national holidays/manmade holidays.

These holidays will have you shopping like it’s nobody’s business. Deals galore. Do not say I didn’t tell you so.

If you wait to purchase your clothes, specifically fall and winter clothes, until holidays arrive then, you’re much more likely to save money in the long run while securing clothes you want. Win-win.

Sell on eBay

This is not a joke. Nobody’s playing. Whenever something is no longer my style, I don’t just throw it away. I throw that joker on eBay so fast and see if someone else will buy it. ‘Cause 9/10 times someone will buy your clothes if the quality is decent (see below)

Denim jacket I bought two years ago.

I sold the denim jacket you see above for almost 2/3 what I bought it for two years ago. Some of the money I made from the denim jacket went straight into my checking account so I could see what other pieces I needed as I collide head-on with fall and winter.

Use Credit Card..Wisely

Yes, I’m a millennial with a credit card. Calm down. I’m responsible enough to know that the utilization better not creep over 30% or creditkarma is going to slap me on the wrist.

Nonetheless, if you use a credit card with cash back rewards you can walk away with over $100 at the end of the year.

Imagine using your credit card for expenses and bills all year and then when September hits you have $80 to use for fall gear? Doesn’t that sound great? You bet it does.

Returns a Headache? Disregard

So I shopped on FashionNova Men for the first time last week. I bought some jeans that I thought would fit. They come in the mail and scurrrrrrrrrrrrrrd – too baggy.

No problem, right? Wrong. Their returns process is a headache. First and foremost, THEY DO NOT OFFER YOU A REFUND ON YOUR ORDER. STORE CREDIT IS YOUR ONLY MEANS TO “GETTING YOUR MONEY BACK.” I was petrified when I found this out after perusing their website.

Kanye, you were right. “You just readin’ the headlines, you don’t see the fine print.”

I sure didn’t see the fine print. Not only do they not refund your card, but they also make you pay for the return shipping. Yes, you read that correctly. I paid $13.65 for return shipping on an order that originally cost me $37.

I say all of this to remind you that you want to SAVE money while shopping for your fall and winter gear, not lose money. And whether or not the retailer offers free return shipping should be something you factor into your decision.

All of a sudden I realized why I love shopping on ASOS :).

That’s all from me folks. I hope there are some takeaways on how you can enhance your wardrobe this fall and winter – even if you are on a tight budget. Until next time – peace, love, and style.

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2 Replies to “Building My Fall and Winter Wardrobe with a Millennial Paycheck”

  1. great piece!!! yes, i got to the end of article and read all of it unlike millennials lol funny piece, very personable piece and helpful tools. I like how you showed exactly how you sold your item on ebay and showed yourself in the jeans you bought. good stuff. also you made some nice rap references which were well placed. the kanye real friends blurb made me laugh. Good tips you provided, especially with buying clothes in off seasons. peace

    James P says:
    1. Thank you for checking it out!! hahahahaha you are not like your millenial counterparts hahaha thanks! theory is always gr8 but if i can show it in practice that makes it more helpful for others in my humble opinion lmao thanks i knew you’d appreciate the rap references gotta throw them in there thanks again for checking it out

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