We Wear the Pants: Why Men Should Never Let Their Significant Other Dress Them

I’ll be married in a little over two months. For some, marriage is daunting. For others, it isn’t. I bring up marriage because there is always someone on the other side of the altar on one’s wedding day (or so I’d hope). For me, that’ll be my wonderful wife-to-be, Ashley! And from what I’ve observed my entire life, successful marriages are built on…wait for it…compromise. (At this point you’re probably wondering where this post is going. Fear not)

While successful marriages may involve compromising and making choices in unison, there may be areas where no one is giving in.

Drumroll, please.

I believe men should never give in when it comes to fashion and should never let their significant other dress them (FYI: significant other will be an interchangeable term used for wife, girlfriend or anything that resembles a significant other throughout this article).

I’ve been interested in fashion for quite some time. My parents may have purchased clothes for me when I was younger because I was broke as a joke, but I decided how I would wear these clothes.

Let me pause for a moment. There are times someone may have bought me clothes as a gift and I ultimately decided how I’d wear what was gifted. Let’s be clear though. In my eyes, a significant other dressing a man is when a man gives full discretion for someone to 1.) buy his clothes and 2.) style him in said clothes.

Back to my original point. Although I couldn’t afford to buy my clothes, putting outfits together at a young age (we’re talking middle school) was such a great form of self-expression. Which brings me to my first reason men should never let their significant other dress them.

Reason #1

Men should never let their significant other dress them because fashion is not only one of the purest forms of self-expression, but can also cultivate a core piece of one’s identity. Fellas, if your lady is shopping for you and choosing your outfits then there’s a problem. In my eyes, you’re ceding a portion of your identity away because you let your boo thang “Wear the pants.”

Please, please, please shop for yourself so you can maintain and evolve your personal appearance and continue to express yourself and how you feel. Worried you don’t know where to start? Don’t sweat it.

Fashion is not about picking the perfect item. The next time you go shopping, choose items that give you a sense of joy. Whether it’s a certain shirt, hat or pair of shoes, just buy something that’ll leave you smiling and feeling more independent.

Reason #2

I’m not into following trends for the sake of following trends, but I do think certain trends hold weight. This example is no shade to Ashley, my fantastic fiancée, but she always scolded me when I mentioned I was buying a cross-body bag (aka a fanny pack worn across the body). She clowned me endlessly.

If I would’ve let her shop for me, I never would’ve secured the bag.

Styling yourself helps you keep your ear to the streets. If your woman is always copping your clothes and telling you what she wants you to wear to school, church or work, how will you ever stay in the loop about new collections, new brands or new gear? Oh, I can answer that for you. You won’t.

Reason #3

The last reason men should never let their significant other dress them? I firmly believe all men would have similar attire and thus…no originality! Here’s a scene I envision in my head.

I envision women having a girl’s night out flipping through Pinterest looking for outfits they want their significant other to wear. Skurrrrrrrrrrt. Hold up wait a minute.

Men, you don’t want to walk around looking like your broham do you? I thought so.

The next time you’re shopping and piecing together an outfit for a friend’s wedding, interview or night on the town, show your significant other that you indeed wear the pants (with your own wardrobe at least).

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