Milwaukee Meetup #5

The 5th installment of the Milwaukee Meetup was two weeks ago today and this was my first time in the Lake Park area of Milwaukee. The meetup happened to be in a very woodsy area, and I was fortunate enough to come home with a nice handful of mosquito bites (my GF thinks I’m lame for bringing this up in my blog. Good thing this is my blog…:D). Nonetheless, I met a lot of great … Read MoreMilwaukee Meetup #5

Win Or Go Home

For those of you who do not know, which I am assuming is 99.9% of you, I entered a contest on lookbook to win a 3 month subscription of Rich Honey Monthly tees. Before I entered the contest, I had no idea what Rich Honey tees consisted of nor did I know what their brand represented. After extensive research, I found out that these tees were higher-end tees manufactured in Los Angeles. Most of my tees are … Read MoreWin Or Go Home