About Me

I’m Justin Price, a 24-year old creator from Illinois residing in Milwaukee, WI.  If you’re reading this, you have probably browsed my site, so thanks for checking it out. As you can see, fashion is something I have taken a liking to these past few years.

I blame my twin brother James, the fashion and food king, for introducing me to ASOS. That’s when things were taken to another level. Nonetheless, when I am at the mall or shopping online, I see fashion as a way to express myself.

Does that sounds like an excuse to buy clothes and shoes?! Possibly. However, I do enjoy the concept of fashion and styling myself because there is so much freedom involved. You can seriously do whatever you want.

Ultimately, fashion is about wearing what you want, no matter how expensive or inexpensive said item is, and feeling confident about it. For example, I’d NEVER rock a fedora a couple years back. Times change though and everything evolves.

Moreover, as some of you may know, I originally started fashion blogging on justinaprice.com. After some creative juices started flowing, I decided I should streamline my website with my Instagram name -> subjectivefashion. Wala, subjectivefashion.com was born.

The goal of this website is to provide insight about fashion from my lens. So that could include posts about budget buys or the latest collaboration in the world of fashion. Ultimately, I want to get even more people excited about fashion in Milwaukee and abroad.

These days you can catch me styling people, shopping online and in-store, modeling around the city and simply being myself.

Feel free to roam my site and follow me on my journey as I aim to become one of the more prominent Milwaukee fashion bloggers. Peace, love and style.

– Justin Price