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I’ll be married in a little over two months. For some, marriage is daunting. For others, it isn’t. I bring up marriage because there is always someone on the other side of the altar on one’s wedding day (or so I’d hope). For me, that’ll be my wonderful wife-to-be, Ashley! And from what I’ve observed my entire life, successful marriages are built on…wait for it…compromise. (At this point you’re probably wondering where this post is
“Is it safe to say we back?” I feel like I am dusting off the cobwebs on this dormant blog. A lot’s transpired since my last blog post in late March. I collaborated with Summerfest this summer and hosted giveaways on my page and attended Summerfest to capture attendees’ style. Here is one attendee myself and Ken found at Summerfest 2018. After the collaboration ended though, I took about two months to rid myself of heavy social
Yesterday I visited Walmart to pick up some body wash, hand soap, small Ziploc bags, a pack of 5 Spearmint Gum and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Yes, some of these products are the essentials to remaining cleaner than the board of health. What you don’t see above that could also help someone become cleaner than the board of health are goods like clothes and shoes. Clothes and shoes? Yes. As most people know, Walmart is
How do you organically grow your following on Instagram as a blogger/photographer/model/creator? To date, I have 1,075 followers on Instagram. By the end of this post that could be down to 1,070. The amount always fluctuates. One thing that is certain right now though? I don’t have upwards of 10k followers. And by most influencer marketing standards that takes me out of the “micro influencer” classification. I’m more of a “micro micro influencer.” Even using
Shopgauges LA Clothing
This ‘blog post’ is more like a tumblr post. Fewer words, more photos. The What H&M Puffer Coat H&M Longline Flannel Shopgauges Brent Camo Track Pants (somehow they look better than most track pants I’ve seen, but were far less expensive) H&M Brown Beads White Rebook Instapump Fury Sneakers When was I wearing this fit? To church (don’t judge me haha) last Sunday Why did I choose these pieces? I knew I wanted to wear