WWIW: Brent Camo Track Pants + More|Fresh Visuals

This ‘blog post’ is more like a tumblr post. Fewer words, more photos. The What H&M Puffer Coat H&M Longline Flannel Shopgauges Brent Camo Track Pants (somehow they look better than most track pants I’ve seen, but were far less expensive) H&M Brown Beads White Rebook Instapump Fury Sneakers When was I wearing this fit? To church (don’t judge me haha) last Sunday Why did I choose these pieces? I knew I wanted to wear … Read MoreWWIW: Brent Camo Track Pants + More|Fresh Visuals

The Cardinal Sin: Wearing White After Labor Day

“Can I wear white after Labor Day?” I do not know how many times I’ve heard someone ask this question. Actually, I do – countless times. I’m sure you’ve heard this question thrown around, and around…and around. Why do we question if it is acceptable to rock white after Labor Day? It’s just another color. Oh, America and your traditions. Obviously confused about why it’s widely assumed you should not wear white after labor day, … Read MoreThe Cardinal Sin: Wearing White After Labor Day

Looking Inside My Closet: How Do I Avoid Becoming a Repeat Offender

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas fool! The time of the year where wardrobe staples are vital to the lifeblood of your being. Oops, I meant closet. OK, I’ve clearly been watching one too many dramas like Billions, but do you get the point? Many of us want to wear certain items in our closet without looking like we repeat outfits everyday. Hold up, wait a minute. Scratch that statement … Read MoreLooking Inside My Closet: How Do I Avoid Becoming a Repeat Offender

Top Five No Debating: Urban Outfitters

It’s that time of the year again. As Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas roll around, retailers start to offer HUGE discounts on a wide array of products. From boots to accessories, you can find almost anything on sale. So that made me wonder…why not start a series of posts including the top five items to purchase from “insert retailer here”? And even better, why not include some items that are currently on sale within these … Read MoreTop Five No Debating: Urban Outfitters

The Pair of Boots Every Man Should Wear This Fall

Chelsea boots. A man’s best friend (other than a dog, of course). As fall rolls around, sandals and summer-esque footwear slowly fades out of rotations, and inserted are the staple of a man’s (or women’s tbh) wardrobe. Why Chelsea boots? I did not realize the versatility of Chelsea boots until last fall. Whether it was a freezing cold winter weekend, or a chill Friday at work, Chelsea boots were truly a go-to once the colder … Read MoreThe Pair of Boots Every Man Should Wear This Fall

Milwaukee Fashion Week 2017

Let me provide a brief backdrop before I talk about the fashion show itself. It’s safe to say Milwaukee is not known as the fashion capital of the world (despite this bold claim in my Instagram bio). However, despite Milwaukee’s lackluster fashion scene, there are a host of enthusiasts uplifting the city of Milwaukee into a realm where Milwaukee and fashion can become somewhat synonymous. Obviously one person can’t change the entire landscape, but a … Read MoreMilwaukee Fashion Week 2017